MyGorean Meeting and Birthday Celebration

  • Tal Masters and Mistresses, Tal slaves,

    I am sad, I am very sad, that our meeting is over! But I am happy at the same time and thankful to the Masters who let it happen and make it possible. Meetings friends is something special. Being natural as a kajira among gorean people is wonderful. I love it so much!

    Getting closer to each other

    One thing, I clearly notice is, that we are getting closer each time, we meet. Is it only for slaves, that one feels love for Masters and slaves? Compared to the first meeting, it's now very familiar and everyone is happy to see each other again. Warm greetings, hugs and kisses at a warm sunny day in the Netherlands!

    As I mentioned weather: a week ago, it seemed to be a rainy weekend, but the rain was waiting until the meeting was over. On Sunday afternoon, there was a thunderstorm and heavy rain falling down... for our meeting we got perfect and great weather!

    The location was awesome this time, really great place for a gorean meeting. To me it was the most beautiful location yet, for our meetings! It was in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of nature. We could enjoy the sounds of frogs and birds, lovely flowers everywhere and a great rustic house. It was perfect for a gorean meeting and for our One-Year-Brithday-Celebration! Actually, we did not celebrate the birthday, but more being together as a group of like-mindet people.

    It's impressive, how far Masters were travelling together with their girls to attend the meeting. From 100km, over 320km, 800km up to even 2300km was the distance for the Masters to travel! Wow, amazing!!!

    Everyone, Masters and slaves, were helping and working for the promotion video for the upcoming real life kajira training. So we had some first impressions and a little dry-run for the kajira training sessions in August this year. It will be very special! I loved the dry run and filming, and working together.

    But also the Masters discussions about the Home Stone was very serious. There was a lot to discuss and probably there is still a lot to work out and to think about. However, my feeling is, that the Masters are getting closer as well and they all bring their input to develop a real and solid Home Stone concept.

    The core idea behind this, is to have a group of trustful, gorean people. It makes me happy to see this real gorean community growing.

    A short note about the pictures: Some of the attending Masters and girls cannot appear online, so we blurred them out in the picture here.

    Thanks for reading and maybe you will be part of the next meeting?

    I wish you well,

    kajira of Alduras