Cythe of Phoenix - how a girl became part of the Home Stone

  • A girl lived her whole life craving for something, she was not able to understand. Every relationship was a disaster because strong and real Men are difficult to find... And a girl thought that maybe her desire to submit completely was not healthy, because she didn’t know anyone like her, sharing the need to surrender to a Man...

    But, one day of April 2015, a very special Man came to her office, where she was trying very hard to fit as a very strong, professional and willed individual... and with just a hug, this girl felt she was HOME. He was her MASTER!!! For some time, Master showed her how naturally she could submit, without being judged or criticized. But the girl always felt Master was different from BDSM common Masters and what she felt in her body and soul didn’t fit with common submissiveness that is spread all around... Not 50 shades, not masochist, not into normal kinky style, nothing and nobody was like Master and His slave...

    The slave wrote several texts expressing her devotion towards Master and, those who read it, admired it but always commented that it was not normal to worship Master, so deeply, as girl does... But a fierce soul and spirit guided this girl and she needed to be fully, intensely, passionately, permanently at Master’s feet, always longing to be recognized as His, because she lives for Him... Then, one day, in the middle of the research that a girl was doing, in a permanent attempt to identify with something, among all info and texts that can be found in the Web, this girl found some Gorean quotes. Reading these quotes arised a kind of joy and feeling of identity that girl never felt before... After reading more, girl shared with her Master, addressing Him as a Gorean Master: “Please read this, Master. This expresses how I feel and the way I see You, so powerful, so strong, so beautiful, so perfect! My Master is a Gorean Master!” And Master started reading, and Master also found Himself in these called fantasy stories, but which are, for us, all that makes sense, because we lived it long before knowing even what Gorean lifestyle was... And Master bought the books, reading it and instructing His slave to do so, because random quotes make much more sense when the context is well perceived. And girl is delighted reading it.

    What was a life changing moment, was that, in October 18, girl got a message from someone from MYGOREAN, a community that she and her Master joined online, because it was the only one they identified with, when searching for lifestylers like them, with the same vision of how life should really be. Girl answered immediately to the message from sweet adira and a meeting was settled in that moment. The first moment Master Phoenix and this girl saw Master Alduras and His amazing slave adira, we felt immediately that we all were connected. Time passed so quickly, always sharing thoughts, emotions, experiences, expectations and feelings, with the energy flowing so intensely that we all knew that an unbreakable bond was being created in that moment. Master Alduras and adira left Master Phoenix house and plans were made in order to organize a Gorean Meeting with other European houses.

    We all kept in permanent and daily contact, strengthening our connection and the GOREAN MEETING weekend was finally happening. A girl couldn’t hide her enthusiasm to her Master, she was so happy but, at the same time, feeling so insecure, because she feared to be unpleasant to Master, not being able to be at the level of the other kajirae... Master conforted the girl and, when they arrived in Granada, she was completely delighted, feeling honored for her Master bringing her to the Meeting, proud that she was His... But nothing prepared the slave for the intensity of the weekend and the Meeting. 3 houses, 3 real and amazing Masters and 3 kajirae connected as sisters from the very first moment and touch, all together as if they were like this all our lives, it is breathtaking and overwhelming!

    There are no words to describe how a slave feels for the privilege of submission, serving and pleasing Masters, finally letting girl’s nature and soul essence emerge and express itself with no boundaries, fulfilled for living according to Natural Order in which girl always believed.

    Cythe of Phoenix

  • Adira of Alduras
    Adira of Alduras My lovely sister! That's so touching! This girl feels so much blessed, that our Masters have met and that we all belong to Masters who share the same Home Stone! What an amazing dream, that just became true!
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  • Cythe of Phoenix
    Cythe of Phoenix Love you, sister!
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  • Alduras
    Alduras It is important to reflect on yourself in order to recognize what you really want. Only in discarding the ego and recognizing the spiritual connection to one’s own master, as well as to masters and slaves in general, in short in accepting the order of...  more
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