Gor versus earth - Part 3

  • Tal dear reader,

    In this 3rd part of “Gor versus earth”, I would like to look into the matter of time.

    "The Gorean day is divided into twenty Ahn, which are numbered consecutively. The tenth Ahn is noon, the twentieth, midnight. Each Ahn consists of forty Ehn, or minutes, and each Ehn of eighty Ihn, or seconds."
    Outlaw of Gor Page 26

    "The Gorean Ihn, or second, is only a little longer than the Earth second."
    Nomads of Gor Book 4 Page 222

    "The Gorean day consists of twenty Ahn; the Gorean Ahn, or hour, of forty Ehn, or minutes; the Ehn consists of eighty Ihn, or seconds. An Ihn is slightly less than an Earth second."
    Tribesmen of Gor Page 352

    With these quotes in mind we come to the following: 

    Ihn = A Gorean second, Ehn = A Gorean minute, Ahn = A Gorean hour, Tenth Ahn = The Gorean noon, Twentieth Ahn = The Gorean midnight

    The reader that paid attention noticed that John Norman uses two different explanations for the second:  little longer than the Earth second and slightly less than an Earth second. 

    Which one is correct? A Gorean second is a little longer than the earth second and the reference in Tribesmen of Gor is merely an inconsistency. ( You can read a thorough investigation  here )

    So this gives us: 

    80 Ihn = 1 Ehn, 40 Ehn = 1 Ahn, 20 Ahn = A Gorean day

    1 Ihn = 1.35 seconds, 1 Ehn = 1 minute, 48 seconds or 108 seconds, 1 Ahn = 1 hour, 12 minutes or 72 minutes

    On earth, a day consists of 24 hours, an hour counts 60 min and 1 min exist out of 60 seconds.

    Last but not least; time is precious. Make sure you spend it with the right people.

    I wish you well,


    (Used source: Fogaban's The Gorean Cave)

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