Gor versus earth - Part 4

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    In this 4th issue of "Gor versus earth", I gonna talk about marriage.

    "There is no marriage, as we know it, on Gor, but there is the institution of the Free Companionship, which is its nearest correspondent."
    Outlaw of Gor Page 54

    While on earth marriage is entered into for life("till death do us part") or divorce, the free companionship must be renewed annually.  Another difference is that the Gorean woman does not change her name as do many women in a marriage. 

    "Once we were Companions," she said.
    "No longer," I said. The Gorean Companionship terminates in a year, unless renewed."
    Rebels of Gor  Page 624 

    "A free woman's name, of course, tends to remain constant. A Gorean free woman does not change her name in the ceremony of the Free Companionship. She remains who she was. In such a ceremony two free individuals have elected to become companions. The Earth woman, as a consequence of certain mating ceremonials, may change her last name. The first and other names, however, tend to remain constant."
    Explorers of Gor Page 365

    On Gor, there is no exchange of wedding rings, instead, there is the interlocking of arms and drinking the 'wine of free companionship'.

    ". . . with interlocking arms, we had drunk the wines of the Free Companionship."
    Hunters of Gor Page 10

    What clothing the woman wears to the ceremony is mentioned once where it is said that she may wear as many as eight veils. These veils are then ritualistically removed from her during various phases of the ceremony. In some cities, the woman has all of her veils removed in order that those in attendance may then express their pleasure and joy in her beauty. There is also a reference to the "swirling love silks of the free companion".  A garland or crown woven of talenders is often worn by the woman. 

    "In certain cities, in connection with the free companionship, the betrothed or pledged beauty may wear eight veils, several of which are ritualistically removed during various phases of the ceremony of companionship; the final veils, and robes, of course, are removed in private by the male who, following their removal, arms interlocked with the girl, drinks with her the wine of the companionship, after which he completes the ceremony. This sort of thing, however, varies considerably from city to city. In some cities, the girl is unveiled, though not disrobed, of course, during the public ceremony. The friends of the male may then express their pleasure and joy in her beauty, and their celebration of the good fortune of their friend."
    Slave Girl of Gor Page 107

    Although there is a saying on Gor that only fools free female slaves, it is not unusual for a master to free one of his slave girls in order that she may share the full privileges of free companionship.

    "It seems she thereafter, because of her embarrassment, would never see the warrior and he, at last, impatient and desiring her, carried her off as a slave girl, and returned to the city months later with her as his Free Companion."
    Priest-Kings of Gor Page 46

    Last but not least;  "There is no freer nor higher nor more beautiful woman," I said, "than the Gorean Free Companion." Nomads of Gor Page 290

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