Gor versus earth - Part 5

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    In this fifth "Gor versus earth" I will address birth control

    On earth, there are many methods of contraception ( also methods for permanent contraception) either used by the man or woman if one not desires to have children (anymore).

    On Gor, slavegirls were fed a bitter beverage or a sip root to prevent from having children.

    "Slave wine is bitter, intentionally so. Its effect lasts for more than a Gorean month. I did not wish the females to conceive. A female slave is taken off slave wine only when it is her master's intention to breed her."
    Marauders of Gor Page 23

    "We make them chew carefully and watch closely to see that they swallow, bit by bit, in small swallows, sip roots, as well," said another.
    "We then examine their mouths, forcing them widely open, to determine that they have finished their entire allotment of the root," said another.
    I nodded. Sip roots are extremely bitter. Slave wine, incidentally, is made from sip roots."
    Blood Brothers of Gor Book 18 Page 124

     What about free women and birth control? They drink "the wine of the noble free woman".

    "Whereas, as suggested earlier, the effects of slave wine and "the wine of the noble free woman" are identical, the common ingredient being sip root, there is a considerable difference in the two drinks. Slave wine makes no attempt to conceal the bitterness of ground, raw sip root, whereas "the wine of the noble free woman" is flavored, spiced, and sweetened in such a way that it offers no offense to the delicate and more refined sensibility of the free woman."
    Swordsmen of Gor  Page 235

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    Kajira Luciana of Master but on Earth, can the kajirae have children of their Masters, or should they become Free Woman before? And the children conceived between a Master and a kajira? they are slaves, because the mother is a slave, or free, because the father is free men? ...  more
    June 28, 2019
  • Maham Amber
    Maham Amber I bore offspring for my Master. Because HE is free, he considered the children to be free. Not exactly BTB, but was the most reasonable way that he thought to deal with it.
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