Gor versus earth - Part 6

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    As it is Monday again, time for another " Gor versus earth", in this 6th one I gonna talk about speaking in the third person.

    On earth speaking in the third person in everyday speech is called illeism.

    It can have a variety of intentions depending on the context. One common usage is to impart humility, a common practice in feudal societies and other societies where honorifics are important to observe ("Your servant awaits your orders"), as well as in master-slave relationships. ("Your slave begs to be taught to dance")

    The use of illeism in this context imparts a sense of lack of self, implying diminished importance of the speaker in relation to the addressee or to a larger whole.

    On Gor; slaves spoke either in first or in the third person; when told to speak in the third person it was to remind/teach them they were slaves.

    "Does Phyllis remember the lash?" asked Flaminius.
    The girl's eyes widened with fear. "Yes," she said.
    "Then say so," said Flaminius.
    I whispered in Gorean to Ho-Tu, as though I could not understand what was transpiring. "What is he doing with them?"
    Ho-Tu shrugged. "He is teaching them they are slaves," he said.
    "I remember the lash," said Phyllis.
    "Phyllis remembers the lash," corrected Flaminius.
    "I am not a child!" she cried.
    "You are a slave," said Flaminius.
    "No," she said. "No!"
    "I see," said Flaminius, sadly, "it will be necessary to beat you."
    "Phyllis remembers the lash," said the girl numbly.
    Assassin of Gor Page 131

    "Who!" she demanded.
    "I did," I cried. "I did!"
    "Speak as a slave!" demanded Ute.
    "El-in-or betrayed Ute!" I cried. "El-in-or betrayed Ute!"
    Captive of Gor Page 287


    "Do you want Darlene branded?" she asked.
    "No," I said, "of course not!" I was surprised that she had spoken of herself as she did, using her name. This is not uncommon, of course, among Gorean female slaves.
    Fighting Slave of Gor Book 14 Page 147


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    Adira of Alduras Thank you very much, Master. It's very nice to read the Gor-versus-Earth scrolls! This one is easy to use on Earth too and Adira thinks, it's used by quite a lot kajirae here
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    Maham Amber Speaking in 3rd person, or using slashy-speak makes my Master absolutely livid. It s only used, here, for certain ritual occasions.
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