Gor versus earth - Part 7

  • Tal dear reader,

    A day later then you are used to, here is the 7th "Gor versus earth", this time let's talk about the love of nature.

    Nowadays the "hot" topic is climate change and the effects it has on our planet.

    Human activities have caused the Earth's average temperature to increase by more than 0.75°C over the last 100 years.  Scientists have tracked not only the changes in the temperature of the air and oceans but other indicators such as the melting of the polar ice caps and the increase of worldwide sea levels.

    The impact of these shifts has an impact on all life-forms on our planet including their sources of food and water. Current impacts that are already being observed are desertification(because of overgrazing, deforestation and excessive cultivation), rising sea levels as well as stronger extreme weather events like hurricanes and cyclones.

    It is no secret that Goreans loved their planet, that they have a healthy respect for nature and its beauty, and an inclination to protect and preserve it.

    “Goreans care for their world. They love the sky, the plains, the sea, the rain in the summer, the snow in the winter. They will sometimes stand and watch clouds. The movement of grass in the wind is very beautiful to them. More than one Gorean poet has sung of the leaf of a Tur tree. I have known warriors who cared for the beauty of small flowers.”

    Hunters of Gor, Page 119

    The name of the Gorean homeworld is “Home Stone”, a reference to that which is the beating heart of a Gorean’s life.

    To say that one must be an environmentalist in order to be Gorean might be a stretch too far...or not?

    I wish you well,


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  • Adira of Alduras
    Adira of Alduras Tal Master, Thank you do much for this inspiring scroll. My Master and this one were just talking about this topic and how we could do things in the new home.
    June 22, 2019