Gor versus earth - Part 9

  • Tal dear reader,

    July and August are the most common months that people go on vacation in Europe. Chosen because those months promise the best weather. 

    Time to escape from daily worries and have some fun! Therefore in July and August, I gonna talk in my "Gor versus earth" about games.

    Let us start with Meat Catch, a game where slaves were lined up, hands tied behind their backs. meat bits were thrown at them and if they could catch the meat they scored points for their Master. 

    "I saw a line of five slave girls, kneeling, abreast, their hands tied behind their backs. Bits of meat were thrown to them, one after the other. A catch scored two points for the master. A missed piece might be sought by any of the girls, scrambling about, on their bellies. She who managed to obtain it received one point for her master. The girls were encouraged from the sidelines, not only by their masters but by the crowd as well, some of whom placed bets on the outcome."
    Magicians of Gor Page 37

    "I entered Phoebe in "meat catch," "said Marcus, "but she failed to catch even a single morsel."
    Magicians of Gor Page 43

    On earth I am not aware of any games played with meat, maybe the reader knows of such games? Although food games are not unfamiliar on earth. 

    An example: Licorice Challenge
    Couples form two-person teams. Give each team a very long strand of licorice. Each pair of players places one end of the licorice string in their mouths. At the “Go!” signal, the couples eat the licorice until they meet in the middle. The couple who reaches the middle first wins this fun game.

    I wish you well,