Gor versus earth - Part 10

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    Enjoying my vacation is the reason why this next "Gor versus earth" is a tad later than usual, in this issue I gonna talk about the game: peeing downstairs.

    "Not everyone is as careful as they might be in hitting the great pot. Lazier folks, or perhaps folks interested in testing their skill, sometimes try to do it from a higher landing. According to the ordinances, the pots are supposed to be kept covered, but this ordinance is too often honoured in the breach. Children sometimes use the stairs to relieve themselves. This is occasionally done, I gather, as a game, the winner being decided by the greatest number of stairs soiled."
    Magicians of Gor, Page 272

    In the capital of my country, Brussels we have "Manneken-Pis".

    Manneken-Pis was at first a fountain that played an essential role in the former distribution of drinking water since the 15th century. The system was well-known in all of Europe.

    Towards the end of the 17th century, the statue became more and more important in city life. It was also a survivor of the bombardment of Brussels in 1695. Manneken-Pis became a precious good and enjoys a ceaselessly growing glory.

    During big events, we adorn him with luxurious clothes. We know that in the 18th century, Manneken-Pis was dressed at least 4 times a year. Since he lost his main function in the network of water conveyance of the City in the 19th century, Manneken-Pis gradually became an image and symbol of the Brussels folklore, the joy of the inhabitants and their capacity of self-mockery.

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