Gor versus earth - Part 12

  • Tal dear reader, In this "Gor versus earth" games series I gonna take a closer look at the game "cat's cradle".

    “Cat’s Cradle” is a simple sequence game played with a looped length of a string. Two or more partners use the string to form various shapes, each building on the last. The goal of the game is to get to the last shape without making a mistake. Learning to play Cat’s Cradle couldn’t be easier—all you need is a piece of string, a steady hand and a friend to help you work through the different configurations. This game can be played solo too.

    "Soon we were all laughing with her. Several of the girls began to sing. My sense of pleasure returned. I raced Inge to the end of the compound and back, and beat her. Some of the girls began to play tag, and games. Even some of the northern girls joined with us. We had a cloth ball, stuffed with rags, and, laughing, we threw this about. Some of the girls sat in circles, telling stories. Others faced one another, kneeling, and, with string and their fingers, played an intricate cat's-cradle game. Others played "Stones," where one player guesses the number of stones held in the other's hand. I tried the cat's-cradle game but I could not play it. I always became confused, trying to copy the intricate patterns. How beautifully they would suddenly, in all their complexity, appear. The other girls laughed at my clumsiness. The northern girls, incidentally, were very skilled at this game. They could beat us all.
    "It takes much practice," said Ute.
    "There is nothing much else to do in the villages," said Lana, who refused to try the game."
    Captive of Gor , Page 107

    "Elsewhere two girls, sitting cross-legged, were playing a cat's-cradle game, matching one another's intricate patterns with the twine. They were skillful. This game is popular in the north, particularly in the villages. It is also played frequently in Torvaldsland."
    Hunters of Gor , Page 115

    "In another place several women sat on a fur blanket playing a cat's cradle game. They were quite skilled. This game is generally popular in the Gorean north. It is played not only by the red hunters, but in Hunjer and Skjern, and in Torvaldsland, and as far south as the villages in the valley of the Laurius."
    Beasts of Gor , Page 196

    Who of you ever played this fun game? I did as a kid to impress the girls whom I played it with wink

    I wish you well,


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  • Gejay Singh
    Gejay Singh I remember it from elementary school. A girl‘s game. lol!
    July 25, 2019
  • Adira of Alduras
    Adira of Alduras Oh yes I remember, but I think I gave up quickly. I watched some friends playing it. Funny that it is mentioned in the books. I have read the books but can't remember this game, probably because I had no idea how it was called
    July 25, 2019
  • Cythe of Phoenix
    Cythe of Phoenix So interesting, Master! Thank you for sharing this knowledge.
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  • Maham Amber
    Maham Amber Cats cradle? Used to pretty good at it. It was a good time-killer for all the swimming meets I went to as a kid.
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