Gor versus earth - Part 13

  • Tal dear reader,

    In this "Gor versus earth" games series I gonna take a closer look at the game "Hoop and Arrow".

    "Throw the hoop, throw the hoop, Tatankasa!" cried out a lad.
    I took the hoop and, after two false starts, suddenly flung it to my left. The lad turned swiftly, seeing the movement with his peripheral vision, and fired a small arrow expertly through the rolling object.
    "Eca! Well done!" I cried. I was truly amazed at the little devil's expertise.
    "Again! Again, Tatankasa!" cried the little fellow. Such games, of course, have their role to play in honing skills and sharpening reflexes that may be of great importance in adulthood."
    Blood Brothers of Gor, Pages 23 - 24

    On earth, the Native Indians from childhood on played games that developed their skills as hunters and warriors. 

    One of those games was "hoop and arrows" the goal was to hurl an arrow into the center of a rolling hoop. Points were awarded according to which colored portion of the hoop fell on the arrow.

    This example of a hoop and two arrows is of Sioux origin. The round wooden hoop is laced with rawhide thongs painted yellow and blue to divide the hoop into quarters. The arrows have carved tips and the upper ends are trimmed in horsehair and feathers. The arrows are about 32 inches long.

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