Gor versus earth - Part 17

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    In one of my previous "Gor versus earth", I mentioned that July and August are the most common months that people go on vacation in Europe. Chosen because those months promise the best weather. Time to escape from daily worries and have some fun!

    Today is the last day of August and therefore this year my last scroll about games (there are plenty more games to talk about and will continue covering them next year) 

    To conclude this year's series of games I gonna talk about the "Bean Race"

    "I stopped for a moment to watch an amusing race. Several slave girls are aligned, on all fours, poised, their heads down. Then, carefully, a line of beans, one to a girl, is placed before them. She must then, on all fours, push the bean before her, touching it only with her nose. The finish line was a few yards away. "Go!" I heard. The crowd cheered on its favorites. On this sport, as well as on several others, small bets were placed. Sometimes a new slave, one who has recently been a haughty, arrogant free woman, is used in such a race. Such things, aside from their amusing, and fitting, aspects, are thought to be useful in accommodating her to her new reality, that of the female slave. In them she learns something more of the range of activities that may be required of her." 
    Magicians of Gor , Pages 38 - 39

    On earth, we have a race called "Ping Pong Pushing", usually played by kids. 

    Each team is given a ping-pong ball and the goal is to push the ping-pong ball over a short distance with the nose. Set a point as a goal to reach and the team members must turn around and push the ball back to the beginning of their team’s line. The first team to have all their members complete the course is the winner. (source: icebreakerideas.com)

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  • Adira of Alduras
    Adira of Alduras It's really interesting, Master, what games are on Earth as equivalent to those on Gor. Thank you very much for sharing
    August 31, 2019