Gor versus earth - Part 18

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    On the forums in the Gorean Beauty section with the topic "Do you remove body hair" (You can read and still participate in the discussion here.)

    After I gave my take on removing pubic hair, I got the question from Adira :"Hmm what do the books say? Perhaps another interesting Gor vs Earth topic?"

    Well you got that right Adira cool,so todays topic is removing body hair.(also pubic hair)

    On earth, during the The transatlantic slave trade that began around 1518 and ended sometime after the 1870’s ,slaves when captured were housed in merciless factories until the slave ships arrived. It is in these slave castles where some prisoners of the trade died from injuries inflicted during their capture or disease brought on from the wet, unhealthy environment (Palmer, 2002: 54). Adding to the despair and distress of being reduced to slavery was the widespread fear that they were being sold as food. The rumor was that white cannibals had a fondness for eating African flesh (Pierson, 1977: 147, 148).

    Before being loaded onto the ships, the slaves–males and females–had their heads shaved by their African captors. They were forced to strip naked and were checked by their purchasers to make sure they were in suitable condition.

    On Gor it was not that different...except they were shaved completely.

    "I did not doubt that already hundreds of women had passed through the camp, mostly, I supposed, to be shipped or herded to the docks of Brundisium, to be placed on slave ships, chained, their heads and bodies shaved, to be shipped to various destinations."
    Vagabonds of Gor ,Page 380

    "The major reason for cropping the hair of field slaves, both male and female, and certain other forms of work slaves, is to protect them from parasites. For a similar reason the bodies of the women transported on slave ships are almost always shaved, completely."
    Magicians of Gor ,Page 301

    "All the hair on their bodies is removed, to reduce the infestation of parasites."
    Swordsmen of Gor ,Page 550

    Do women shave their legs and other places too, like their armpits and pubes?

    "In Turia and Ar, it might be mentioned it is not uncommon for a female slave to be depilated."
    Marauders of Gor ,Page 105

    "Most men prefer soft, smooth slaves. Indeed, in the cities, some slaves are even shaved or depilated."
    Blood Brothers of Gor ,Page 391

    "Too, their skirts, and Tupita's, too, and the slave strips, or G-strings, of Tela and myself had been lifted up, or aside, and let fall again, perhaps to see if we were depilated, or shaved, or if such cloth might conceal some defect."
    Dancer of Gor ,Page 385

    "Some masters, too, prefer a smooth slave, and, in such a case, may have the slave depilated, or have her body hair shaved away. Sometimes the master attends to this himself. This is more common in certain cities than in others."
    Smugglers of Gor ,Page 155

    Either the slave was shaved or depilated ... or she was au naturel, not shaved at all, hairy.

    And when they are shaved, the pubic hair is not ever mentioned as being trimmed or shaved and shaped into designs.

    Finally, it is up to the owner whether the slave is shaved/depilated or not and where.

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