Gor versus earth - Part 20

  • Tal dear reader,

    In this "Gor versus earth" scroll I gonna look into the matter of eye contact.

    "Some Gorean masters do not permit their girls to look into their eyes unless bidden to do so, but this is rare. More often the discipline or punishment is not to permit the girl to look into the eyes of the master, which increases her apprehension and, of course, severely limits her capacity to read his moods. That is somewhat analogous to denying her food, or a particular food, taking something away from her."

    ...."One reason to look into the eyes of a slave girl is to see if there is welcome in them, happiness, anticipation, shyness, mendacity, slyness, deception, joy, confusion, uncertainty, apprehension, fear. If one cannot look into the eyes of a slave, how can one well-read her, how can one adequately master her? To be sure, much can be gained from body language. But then more can surely be gained from both her face and body. And from the slave's point of view, how can one best please a master, if one cannot truly see him?"
    Prize of Gor , Pages 180 - 181

    Numerous studies have shown that people who make higher-levels of eye contact with others are perceived as being:

    More dominant and powerful
    More warm and personable
    More attractive and likable
    More qualified, skilled, competent, and valuable
    More trustworthy, honest, and sincere
    More confident and emotionally stable

    And not only does increased eye contact make you seem more appealing in pretty much every way to those you interact with, but it also improves the quality of that interaction. Eye contact imparts a sense of intimacy to your exchanges and leaves the receiver of your gaze feeling more positive about your interaction and connected to you.

    That we give so much credence to the idea that we can read someone from what’s in their eyes is due to the fact that even when we hide what we’re really thinking and feeling in our body language and facial expressions, it’s often still revealed in our eyes. “The eyes don’t lie” as people say. This is why poker players often wear sunglasses in order to disguise their reactions to the hands they’re dealt.

    The human propensity to look to someone’s eyes in order to decipher what they’re thinking starts very early in life. Around 9-18 months, infants will begin to look to their parents’ eyes to figure out what they’re trying to convey when their face is otherwise ambiguous.

    And we continue to do this for the rest of our lives.

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  • Maham Amber
    Maham Amber My Master requires that I look directly at him while speaking. He gets po'd at me if I do the 'downcast eyes' bit, that is common in BDSM circles.
    He wants to be able to read the expression in my face and the look in my eyes.
    Also, it allows me to...  more
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  • Adira of Alduras
    Adira of Alduras A few years ago my Master has made me not looking into the eyes of anyone, without explicit permission. It was an interesting experience but it was a test what effect it had. It's much more difficult to communicate and I am glad that it was only for a...  more
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  • Elton Robb
    Elton Robb I wonder, if other Masters enjoy the eye contact they have with their slaves.
    September 24, 2019