Gor versus earth - Part 25

  • Tal dear reader,

    In this 25th "Gor versus earth" I gonna talk about drinking chocolate (hot or cold).

    In Europe, clocks will go back an hour this weekend, ushering the beginning of the winter period.

    Many will be looking forward to the extra hour in bed it will offer, and the brighter mornings.

    The practice of changing the clocks goes back more than 200 years but wasn’t widely used until World War One.

    Beginning of the winter period means also colder days, back turning on the heating and even some of us like me enjoying a cup of hot chocolate wink

    On Gor : 

    "Mistress' drink is cold," said the girl. "Let me have it reheated or fetch you a fresh one."
    "No," I said. "It is fine." I lifted the small, handleless bowl in two hands.
    . . .
    "This is warmed chocolate," I said, pleased. It was very rich and creamy.
    "Yes, Mistress," said the girl.
    "It is very good," I said.
    "Thank you, Mistress," she said.
    "Is it from Earth?" I asked.
    "Not directly," she said. "Many things here, of course, ultimately have an Earth origin. It is not improbable that the beans from which the first cacao trees on this world were grown were brought from Earth."
    "Do the trees grow near here?" I asked.
    "No, Mistress," she said. "We obtain the beans, from which the chocolate is made, from Cosian merchants, who, in turn, obtain them in the tropics."

    Kajira of Gor , Pages 60 - 61


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