Gor versus earth - Part 38

  • Tal dear reader,

    In this "Gor versus earth" scroll I wanna talk this time about living forever.

    It's an arresting thought, and never more so than today when so many people are doing whatever they can to live longer. There's nothing new in the quest for longevity. Ancient Chinese and early modern European alchemists dreamt of an elixir that would give perpetual life. In Mary Shelley's novel, Dr. Frankenstein pursues the dream by reanimating bodily parts of the dead.

    But it is only in recent times that the dream has captured masses of people, with millions following diets and exercise regimes in the hope that they can put off dying for as long as possible. There are a few who go further - groups of immortalists, who have their cadavers frozen until technology develops to a point where they can be resuscitated or who stuff themselves with hundreds of vitamins every day while looking forward to a time when they can upload their minds into cyberspace and escape death altogether.

    On Gor...

    There is no such thing as immortality. In fact; Most Goreans do not believe in immortality, either physically or spiritually. Death is final. There is no worry about heaven and hell. Though death is often called journeying to the “Cities of Dust,” the Gorean underworld, the place all go on their deaths. (for more information you can my read my scroll 27 about how Goreans deal with death)

    Although there were serums on Gor for prolonged life.

    The Stabilization Serums

    "The Stabilization Serums, which are regarded as the right of all human beings, be they civilized or barbarian, friend or enemy, are administered in a series of injections, and the effect is, incredibly, an eventual, gradual transformation of certain genetic structures, resulting in indefinite cell replacement without pattern deterioration. These genetic alterations, moreover, are commonly capable of being transmitted. For example, though I received the series of injections when first I came to Gor many years ago I had been told by Physicians that they might, in my case, have been unnecessary, for I was the child of parents who, though of Earth, had been of Gor, and had received the serums. But different human beings respond differently to the Stabilization Serums, and the Serums are more effective with some than with others. With some the effect lasts indefinitely, with others it wears off after but a few hundred years, with some the effect does not occur at all, with others, tragically, the effect is not to stabilize the pattern but to hasten its degeneration. The odds, however, are in the favor of the recipient, and there are few Goreans who, if it seems they need the Serum's, do not avail themselves of them."
    Assassin of Gor Book 5 Pages 30 - 31

    Transformation Injections 

    Each phase of Transformation Injections evidently causes one to become younger by ten years. There are four phases. Below an example of the last phase :

    "Have you seen yourself, as you are now," he asked, "in the large mirrors in the training room?"
    "Yes," she said.
    Those mirrors were as fine as any she had known on Earth.
    "Yes," she said, putting her head down. She had been forced to look, stunned, taken aback, by the incredible, youthful, vulnerable loveliness she had seen there.
    "How old are you, or would you say," he asked, "looking upon yourself as you are now?"
    "I do not know," she whispered.
    "I would say," he said, "that you are something like eighteen or nineteen years of age."
    She nodded. She could remember photographs of herself at that age, or near that age, and what she had seen in the mirror was the same, or much the same, save, of course, for the nudity, and, she suspected, some present superiority of figure, that from the serums, or perhaps the diet and exercise."
    Prize of Gor Book 27 Pages 79 - 80

    But then we all know the song "Who wants to live forever?" from the famous singing group Queen.

    "This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us" Queen

    I wish you well,


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