Gor versus earth - Part 43

  • Tal dear reader,

    In the continuation of my previous scroll, let's take a look at the whip dance.

    On earth

    The whip is a choreographed dance that involves raising a knee, dropping it and making a car-driving gesture with the opposite-side arm. The dance is often associated with the hip hop tracks "Watch Me" by Silento and "Nasty Freestyle" by T-Wayne.

    The term "whip" (slang for "car") was originally popularized in the San Francisco Bay Area hyphy subculture. 

    On Gor

    "I watched the dancing girl of Port Kar writhing on the square of sand between the tables, under the whips of masters, in a Paga tavern of Port Kar."Your paga," said the nude slave girl, who served me, her wrists chained. "It is warmed as you wished."I took it from her, not even glancing upon her, and drained the goblet.She knelt beside the low table, at which I sat cross-legged. "More," I said, handing her back the goblet, again not deigning to even glance upon her. "Yes, Master," she said, rising, taking the goblet. I liked paga warm. One felt it so much the sooner. It is called the Whip Dance, the dance the girl upon the sand danced. She wore a delicate vest and belt of chains and jewels with shimmering metal droplets attached. And she wore ankle rings, and linked slave bracelets, again with shimmering droplets pendant upon them and a locked collar matching. She danced under ships' lanterns, hanging from the ceiling of the paga tavern, it located near the wharf bounding the great arsenal. I heard the snapping of the whip, her cries."

    Raiders of Gor, Page 100


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