Gor versus earth - Part 55

  • Tal dear reader,

    In this 55th edition of "Gor versus earth" I continue with some "dance moves", this time we take a look at the Leash Dance.

    On earth, there is something called "the dance of the dog leash" , where a dog barks and jumps around you to put the leash on and go for a walk. Dog bark and jump because they are so excited to go out on a walk that they can't control themselves. While you do not punish your dog for it many dog experts show you how to overcome this. 

    On Gor:

    "On your knees," I said. "Now."

    She cried out, and rose quickly to her knees.

    "Knees spread," I said.

    She knelt there, her knees spread. She blushed crimson. It seemed she could not take her eyes off the tall fellow.

    "Perform," I encouraged her. "Move. Call attention to your charms."

    Again Lady Klio began to perform, as she could.

    "It may not be much, gentlemen," I informed them, holding the leash, "but surely for such a woman it is an unusual activity. I suspect that she is not accustomed to doing it. Perhaps in the future she will be better at it. Look, gentlemen. Little as it may be, I suspect this is far more than was provided for the many chaps who paid for her meals, her lodging, her wardrobe, her transportation, her luxuries, her claimed needs, her numerous bills."

    "Continue to perform," I said. "You may leave your knees, but do not rise to your feet."
    . . .

    "On your belly," I said to Klio. "There, that fellow," I said, indicating a grizzled sapper to one side, his tools near him, "address yourself to him, about the feet and legs."
    . . .

    "She dances the leash dance well, does she not?" I asked.

    Renegades of Gor, Pages 174 - 177

    I wish you well,