Free Veiled Ones and live on Gor

  • Mr Norman has written a lot about slaves...a lot about warriors...and assassins and tribes. But he missed to tell more about the households themselves. A look into a middle class household in the middle of Gor..maybe at the Vosk or at the shores of gleaming Thassa...  That would be really interesting! 

    At the moment i am re-reading beasts on Gor, like it very much..because it is a bit of philosophy, when he is explaining part by part, that at least everyone and everything on Gor is beastly ...  

    What made me ask:  if all men on Gor are beasts..and all slaves on Gor are beasts...and all carnivorous animals are beasts.... he did not sayed anything about us Veiled Ones... makes me think, that a free women is high above them all and we are to be seen like the priest-castes and the golden bugs themselves   ~grins~  

    What do you think?