• The way to travel on Gor is various.

    Out of a reason, only mr Norman knows, we have no trains or other things. None of it would be able to be used as a weapon, so i wonder why he decided that we have only the  choice between:

    Feet, Thalarion, Tarn, ships, snow sleen pulled sleighs and caravans...not to forget the biting and carnivorous animals, which names i forgot all time.

    For a free woman, it is less various. We can travel only by baskets on Thalarions, under Tarns or by carried thrones (which are ridiculous, cause why should a woman with pride, take a seat on something like a wandering slave-trade stand? that calls loud enough: look at me, i am a rich bitch that crys for a collar! ) Mr Norman told often, that is not very clever to rent merchants for guardians. Of course it is silly :D , a woman with a brain in use, has loyal warriors or rents them by friends that got loyal ones. Well, if one gots the sad luck to meet mr Tarl Cabot, even loyalty is not safety against his need of new slaves.

    But Gentlemen, what do you think, is the most save way to travel for a veiled one that is NOT interested in being enslaved?

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  • NightHawk
    NightHawk The safest way to travel is to travel carefully!
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