Ladies and Slavegirls

  • Looked at slavegirls from behind the veils, they are kinky, little bitches who sneak around men, just for a look or being touched from them.

    Well they are... But they have to and have no choice to do otherwise. The interest of mine, at them is parted in two.

    At first, i am always fascinated by the ways a slavegirl behaves. To me they seem like cats in copulation mood. So needy and, yes i got no word for it, not in english not in german.... On the other hand, i would never be able to act this way. It is without any honour to me. There has to be slavegirls, without any question. They have to serve and entertain the mens world. But indeed, they can be very entertaining to us to.

    Norman says, we tread slavegirls always mean.

    No, we do not do it mean, always... Laugh... It is just fun to do some sports at them by times...Free women are not cruel to slavegirls, they are just funny to us. To true free women, to the women who wear the veils with pride, because they are more interested in the intellectual men, more interested in what men do or think.

    Our interest is less sexual, then intellectual.

    The only thing i miss, is the dance in all its beauty... 

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  • NightHawk
    NightHawk Your veiw of the Kajira seems very one sided, for it is not or should not be based on sex.

    The power of submission lies not in the ability to kneel before another, to give over ones body, or in the wearing of a collar.
    The power of submission can only...  more
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