Living as a Gorean

  • Gorean is a lifestyle. It is living by a set of personal
    “codes”, usually based upon Honor, Truthfulness, Self-discipline, and
    Integrity, on a daily basis both at home and in the world at large.

    You will find many opinions and definitions as to what it is
    to be "Gorean".

    Basically, the lifestyle is based upon the fantasy novels
    called "Gor" that were written by John Norman. You can Google
    "Gor" or "Gorean" and there are many websites with
    information. Be cautious, however, for there is as much, if not more,
    “mis-information” as there is truth.

    Ultimately you must speak with those who are Gorean to find the truth. Here again, you must be cautious, there are many who claim to be “Gorean” but are in truth wanabee’s, fakes, or those who just wish for power play, dominance play or control over another.

    It is usually best to find a responsible, well managed,
    Gorean board or chat site where the Administrators take their roles seriously
    and weed out the riff-raff or find a another Gorean person you feel you can trust.

    And I guess one of the best pieces of advise that you will obtain, comes directly from the books...

    "Do not ask the stones or the trees how to live , they can not tell you ; they do not have tongues; do not ask the wise man how to live for, if he knows , he will know he cannot tell you; if you would learn how to live , do not ask the question; its answer is not in the question but in the answer, which is not in words; do not ask how to live, but, instead, proceed to do so." - Marauders of Gor, Pg 9