Random Thoughts and writings

  • Gorean is a Master/slave lifestyle based upon the philosophies and beliefs in the "Gor" fantasy series written by John Norman pertaining to the order of nature where men and women have their natural and biological roles. The lifestyle p[philosophies are such that they can be lived on a daily bases and the concepts of Honor, Integrity and Responsibility pervade that way of life. It is not based upon BDSM "play" nor "sessions" but is lived by each individual in their own way. Whereas we fall under the "BDSM Umbrella" due to protocols, and certain forms of bondage, we consider ourselves outside the typical BDSM roles as we actually live our philosophies.

    A Gorean is what he/she is through their own views and philosophies and the code by which they live. A Gorean does not even really need a slave or sub to be Gorean. This is one of the main things the BDSM community fails to understand about us. We are who we are though our own beliefs, not due to if we have a slave/sub nor if we do any typical BDSM roles or play. Like I said we only fall under the BDSM umbrella if we do have a slave and only due to protocols (service and obedience) and basic bondage (collars and chains)

    One of the good things about the Gorean philosophy. There is no proscribed way of being.

    Each person lives their life and defines their role in it by their own standards. We tend to follow the way of nature and biology and how we see things are by our own natures, as you say "do what flows naturally" we develop our own code of behavior and incorporate it into our daily lives. Everyone's code is different and even can be considered bad or evil, you have the angels on one hand and the devils on the other. The only real unjustifiable behavior is to be hypocritical and not adhere to your code, or change it just to suit your whim.

    We also recognize that men and women are different, we do not try to deny that each gender has it's own strengths and weaknesses. There is no set "role" for either gender.

    Gorean relationships can incorporate all styles, Vanilla, Master/slave, Dom/sub, Polyamous, etc. The only things we tend to reject are any abnormal behaviors such as bestiality, gender change, mental instabilities, extreme sadism, etc.

    Goreans can be harsh but are seldom cruel.
    Honor, Integrity and Honesty are the key words I live by in my everyday life. I do not hide in shadows or lie about who and what I am, even my parent know about my chosen lifestyle.

    As to the "safeword" issue, I have always felt it was ridiculous. I also believe that a Dom or Master should never be so unaware or get so lost in the moment that he does not have control and does not recognize what is happening with his sub or slave.

    Of course I do not "Play" or do "Sessions" so I do not have to worry about that Another thing I see as an issue is when a Dom or Master punishes someone through anger. That is also wrong and shows a serious lack of control. One must Master ones self first.