The title of "Master"

  • You must master ones self first. I find a lot of so called "Masters" are just concentrating on the word itself, not the meaning behind it. They figure calling themselves or being called "Master" automatically gives them the rights and prerogatives that go with the term without understanding the philosophies and RESPONSIBILITIES that go with the title.


    I was once asked what it is, in my view, which constitutes being a Gorean Master, and what does that 'mastery' itself, entail. I'm sure that many folks have their own ideas on the matter, indeed, the results of those many ideas would explain all the differences that one can see in others who call themselves
    'Gorean', and 'Master'.

    The matter is fairly simple to me. First, a man must be Gorean. There is
    one, and only one, definition of 'Gorean' which is sane, intelligent, and
    serious; that is, someone who strives to live their lives by the principles and
    tenets of the Gorean philosophy. Any other definition is either insane, stupid,
    or just a game.

    Second, to be a Master, one must act to master one's self, and one's life,
    and to some degree, those around him. He must be able to exert self-discipline
    on himself, to see his actions through to the end, to be able to effectively
    guide his life in a prosperous fashion within his society. Gorean men tend to
    be very dominant, and if they live as they believe, in the average group of
    non-Gorean males, a Gorean man will almost invariably be one of, if not the,

    If a man does not exhibit these traits, he may still be Gorean, but he's not
    a Master. A man who cannot master himself, or his life, is really not ready or
    in a solid position to master others. Who can look at the man and his life, and
    take his words seriously, as if he knew what he was speaking of?

    The Gift of Mastery, which Norman
    speaks of in the Gor novels, is where the Master extends his understanding and
    control into the life of his property, to guide her to be that which pleases
    him more and more. The focus, in Gor, is on this Gift of Master, while in BDSM,
    the focus is on the gift of submission.


    A Gorean Master or Mistress is one who follows a code throughout his/her life and defends his code against all comers and will usually not deviate from those behaviors even if it may offend or disturb others.

    Not all Goreans follow the same code, each person's code is his or her own.

    There are some basic similarities, however. Typically a persons code will follow some form of honorable behavior, they will be truthful, they will have integrity and be self-assured and self-reliant.

    A Master's Responsibility:

    A Gorean Master/Mistress will be responsible for what occurs in their life, own up to their mistakes and make corrections in their own life as needed.

    If they own a kajira/kajirus (female/male slave) they also take responsibility and care for their slave's needs, be it financial, medical, or day-to-day needs, such as, providing food, shelter, support and protection. The Master/Mistress is also responsible for the discipline and training of the slave. They take on this full responsibility, be it, physical, psychological or emotional training and support.

    I, personally, look upon a kajira to be like owning a great sports car, you may take it out and run it around, romp on it a bit, push it to its limits to see what it can really do and how it will perform, but in the end you bring it back home, keep it clean, feed it good, tune it up, protect it and dote on it with care and attention.