What is "Gor"

  • A Short Essay on Gor:

    >What follows is a combination of my own thoughts as well as excerpts and thoughts of others that I have turned into this writing.

    Gor, simple word isn't it? But for such a simple word, there is mass confusion. How can something so simple be so damned complicated? Simply put, people make it that way. I'm a simple person with simple ideas. "I am that is," to quote Redwall. If you cant figure out what that means don't even bother reading any further. You won't understand a word of what I'm about to write.

    What is Gor? What does it mean to be Gorean? What is the Order of Nature? What is the difference between online and real life Gor? I'll tell you what these
    mean to me, along with a few other questions I'll pose as we continue.

    First of all, what is Gor? It is a series of books about a counter-Earth written by Dr. John Lange, a professor of philosophy and a classical scholar, under the pen-name of John Norman.

    In the first book, "Tarnsman of Gor", Norman describes the meaning of the word Gor to be "Home Stone". A Home Stone is the very heart of Gor itself, from the greatest cities, to the lowliest commoner. Home Stones are the foundation of Gorean society in general. That's taking what Tarl Cabot, the protagonist of the story, was told by his father.

    If you wish to speak metaphorically; the Gorean Home Stone is the beating heart of every Gorean. It is what makes us who we are. Without a heart, Goreans could not exist. Gor, to me, is a way of life, a philosophy to follow, a way to guide me through the day as I live it.

    This doesn't mean that I think I live on some twin planet, ride a big hawk to work, wear a scarlet tunic, or carry a sword.

    Another simple concept which is another foundational piece of Gorean philosophy, is, "Your house, your rules." Why is such a simple concept so hard to understand and follow? People tend to think that it's ok to walk
    into another person's home and act as they damn well please.

    There is a reason for this, and I'm sure it'll shock the ever-living shit out of you. Ninety-nine percent of the people guilty of this atrocity have no HONOR, they don't care, they don't understand, they don't want understand, haven't read a single book, or a combination of all or some of the above listed. How can I tell? Glad you asked that question, I know because of how these individuals act. I'm sure that you've all heard the old expression; actions speak louder than words, and this is as true now as it was when it was coined.

    I just mentioned the word 'honor" a moment ago, and I'll bet the first thing
    you though was, "oh hell. here's another Gorean Man spouting the word
    honor and beating his chest." I hate to break it to you folks, but real
    Gorean Men are humble and have no need for chest thumping. I'll say this again; actions speak louder. So, why is it I keep finding men that think that its
    necessary to slash at another, men who think yelling and "beating"
    someone into submission is the way to get what you want? I'll tell you exactly
    what needs to be done instead.

    All it takes is a look, nothing more. For example, If the slave you are dealing with is truly a kajira (and there is a difference between a slave and a kajira) they'll beat themselves mentally a lot more harshly than you could ever beat them with a whip, if you look at them and they see in your eyes your displeasure. Right about now, some "Master" is thinking I'm some sort of weak-minded fool that believes that slaves shouldn't be beaten.

    You know what, you're right about one and not the other. I am no weak-minded fool. They should not be beaten physically unless it is by a hand that has total control and that beating is necessary for the offense given.

    Physically beating a girl to extremes won't accomplish anything. Well, it could even get you into jail. If that's a life goal, then by all means, go for it. I'll even be at your trial. There are acceptable forms of punishment. I personally know a slave that broke a position (in real life), because the floor hurt her knees, while her Master had stepped out of the room. When he returned, she was punished. Yes, beaten if you will. He didn't back hand her, he didn't grab her, he used the flogger that he had in his hand, and hit her just hard enough to cause pain, and didn't do that more than three or four times. She had no welts, no bruises, and no physical sign that she had been whipped or beaten. And she's never broken position again. This particular slave knew that she screwed up, and punished herself a whole lot more than he ever could. She learned her lesson.

    That is honor. Honor on the account of both parties involved.

    Slaves have no honor you say? What rock did you crawl out from under? Of
    course they have honor. In order for a kajira to claim that title she must act
    in an honorable fashion. Otherwise she's what most of us would call a subby
    brat. By that I mean a "kajira" who whines, bitches, moans and complains
    about everything. Ones that aren't happy with what they are permitted. They are the ones that don't realize they're purpose in life is to please the free. They
    don't realize that by pleasing them, that they'll get what they wanted in the
    first place. The happier a slave makes her Master the happier that slave will
    be, and vise-versa fellas. It's a two way street. You cannot expect a slave to
    continuously give and not receive; they are human, and they do have needs,
    wants and desires. They can think and reason, most are intelligent so should not be treated as a doormat.

    It is our responsibility as Free Persons to ensure that the needs of the
    slaves under out charge are taken care of. This is actually more feasible and
    makes more sense in a real life situation, i.e., food, water, clothing etc. the
    essentials of life. You should stimulate her both physically and mentally Also take her out on occasion to have fun (if she has been good and been pleasing to you, of course.)

    In return I promise you that she'll be more willing to please you and you'll both be a lot happier. The happier the slave the happier the owner and things are better all around. Yet again, this simple concept eludes so many people.

    All that you just read are the very basic concepts I use to try to explain
    what Gor is and what it means to me. If you didn't understand what was just
    written, or what was said has offended you or angers you, do yourself a favor
    and stop right now. I'm about to really rock your reality. Think I'm over critical?
    If the shoe fits, wear it.

    Gor is a harsh place with harsh realities. I hate to break it to the "Free Women" but you are not as all and mighty as you think you are. Regardless of what some may think the book "Mercenaries" may say, ("She is a FW, she can do as she pleases." note 1) you are only given that right by free men.

    Gor is a man's world, if you can't accept that, then get the hell out, and stay out of my sight. Online, women seem to have gotten the idea that a Free Woman can do as she pleases, when she pleases and how she pleases. I'm here to tell you that you are sorely mistaken.

    For too long online Gor has been governed by weak minded, pussy whipped men, whose only concern was getting a cyber fuck. They don't care what this does to online, nor what it means to those of us that live by the philosophies set out in the books in real life. All they understand is that they are men, and by what they know, that means they get what they want at whatever cost.

    Those of you that think that way are sorely mistaken, and you are the same ones that bitch and complain about the way Gor is. That's not to say that all of us that feel that way fall into that category, what I am trying to say is that those of us that know what it is to be Gorean need to get rid of those that don't have a clue. Truth is a hard task master; it isn't kind and it takes no prisoners.

    But, the truth will set you free. Look into your souls and you'll find what
    it means to be Gorean eventually. It will not be easy; you'll find things,
    about yourself, that you didn't even know existed. Bad, terrible things, good
    things, memories you never even knew you had. Take all of that and use it to
    your advantage. Learn from your mistakes and shortcomings. Don't whine about them, fix the ones that you can see and the ones you didn't even know you had will follow suit. You are the only one that can figure out who you are and why you call yourself Gorean.

    Now, we get to the Order of Nature. What is this you may ask? By definition
    it is the relationship caused by the genetic predisposition of men to be dominant over the more submissive woman.

    This is not to say that all women are submissive. They are not, what it is
    saying, is that women, by nature, have a tendency to seek a more dominant man.

    Society has overruled this instinct, which, unfortunately is a necessary evil. Pre WWII, women played the role of staying at home and raising the children, doing the housework, getting the groceries and cooking the meals for the family. It was her station in life and she was happy with it. One small aside, this is based solely on U.S. history, and I'm not all that familiar the societal changes that occurred in Europe during this time frame.

    All of the industrial assets of the United States were put into the
    "great war machine." The first US Draft was initiated and those men
    who were able-bodied enough, had not been rejected, or had not already
    volunteered, were made to support the war effort by joining one of the branches of the US Military. This left mostly women back stateside, but with no-one to work in the industrial plants, or to "bring home the bacon," as it
    were, women had to step in and take the jobs normally held by men.

    This is the very beginning of the end for the "Order of Nature" in the US.
    Women had to take on supervisory jobs, in which they were forced to be the more dominant than the women that worked for them. Women were doing very technical and dangerous jobs, not to mention the fact that the US had to have its baseball. Yes, the US had an all women league for a short time. Again, there were women taking jobs that had traditionally belonged to men.

    This brings us back around to society ruining the Order of Nature. Things have
    gotten to the point these days where the "D/S" roles in society have
    almost completely reversed themselves, which in-turn has run over into the
    online "reality" of what we all call Gor. It has also founded itself in the real world as well. Men taking on submissive roles, women dominating
    men, or thinking that they can dominate any man they choose. And let's not forget or educational system and the "feminist" movement both of which taught our children and women that this role reversal is "proper" and "good" for the society.

    Things of this nature should not be allowed anywhere near what we would call a Gorean community. Don't push away BDSM or anyone who follows that line of thought, but make them realize that they are no longer in their domain. They are in ours and must abide by the guidelines and rules that have been established and we hold dear.

    The same is true if you should find yourself in their company. Behave in a
    manner that is commensurate of a Gorean, but remember that you are in their
    home and you must follow their rules.

    Again though, this is not saying that manners and being polite should be thrown out the window. I was raised to be a gentleman, opening doors for ladies, pulling a chair out for a woman when she sits down to eat, etc.

    We must all still realize that we fall under the societal rules that have been laid out for us by our respective areas of citizenship. I will show respect to every person I run into, until they show me a reason to treat them otherwise. This happens each and every time that I see them. I will not hound a person every time I see them, just because I disapprove of how they see things.

    What it does mean is that I will eat them alive if they begin acting in a
    way that is not within the standards that we all abide by. Perhaps an example
    or two is in order. I've made many enemies in my time, and many friends as
    well. I will not speak badly of someone that I, personally, don't like or care
    for. You read of a few earlier, but I'll reiterate here. Free women that think
    they have the right to speak over or preach to any man they choose. I also
    refer to women that do not deport themselves in a manner commensurate of their station. Slaves that seem to act in the same manner as the free women I just mentioned, although in a lot of cases, these free women I just mentioned were once slaves that acted in the very same way.

    I've been told my entire life that you cannot complain about something if
    you don't have a way to correct it. I would suppose that you realize that I do
    have a solution. Very astute of you, I happen to have a very plausible
    solution. Don't associate with, or allow the association of, these people in
    your home. If you are within another person's home, just flat out don't speak to them, or acknowledge that they exist. I am quite sure that I'll fall into this category in several places.

    I am not well liked a lot of times because of my views. I accept this, and I know where I am and am not wanted. I will show you the respect that you have refused, time and time again, to show me.

    What are the differences, if any, between online and real life Gor? If it
    were a perfect world, there would be no difference at all. Everyone would act
    online as they do off. Unfortunately this is not the case in most situations.
    There are far too many people that carry eight-foot swords, or 200-pound
    battle-axes. Slaves that cannot describe how they look in real life. And, as mad
    as I know a lot of you are about to be for me saying this, GET OVER IT!.

    It is the fault of the "Free Men" of online Gor. Men who aren't interested
    in knowing what a slave is like, only the condition of their genitals and the
    size of their tits.

    It is true that the books say no slave is ugly. I'm quite sure that this is
    more of a metaphorical statement than anything else. A slave's beauty comes
    from her submission, not her outward appearance. That is just the icing on the
    cake. I have known many slaves that would not be considered attractive by an
    outward appearance. To me, though, they were some of the most beautiful
    creatures I had ever seen. They were secure in their bondage and submission and gave their all from the heart.

    Remember when I said Goreans could not exist without a heart. Kajira, true
    kajira are the very personification of the word heart. I was once posed a
    question as to how I would know the difference, seeing that there is really now
    way to know if someone is faking it or not. To those individuals I respond
    thusly; It shows through, gamers will reveal themselves through time and a true kajia will shine brighter than the hottest sun.

    How does all this relate to my question?

    Simply put, the only difference between real life and online is the people.
    Ninety percent of people, that I've personally met, that live by the codes,
    philosophies and ethos of Gor off line. And they are easy to spot online.
    "It takes one to know one," as the saying goes. So I pose this question
    to all of you "real" on liners. How can you call yourself real by claiming to be an assassin or a panther? Assassins would never admit that they are one.

    The very essence of being an assassin means that no one knows who you are,
    so that you can kill with stealth. I am quite sure that the allure of a secret
    society appeals to you, as it does us all. But by admitting this and telling
    the world you are nothing but a braggart looking for kudos.

    Panthers, to you I will say this. Most of you that I have run into are
    either part of Men Haters Anonymous, or former slaves that have become bitter.
    Yes they are mentioned once in the books "Hunters of Gor" for those of you that are not familiar with it. But they play no further significance
    throughout the series. I cannot, at this time remember who said this, so I
    apologize for using or butchering your quote. I have not as yet been able to
    find, again, where it was I read this. But I must admit that it truly
    encapsulates my thoughts.

    >"The flora, fauna, food, and drinks of Gor are merely trappings to help along a fictional story with a philosophy that a few of us happen to agree with."

    Such are Panthers in my opinion and, to a lesser part, assassins. I say that because assassins have been an integral part of history.

    But beside the Amazons of ancient Greece, who were gifted by the Goddess Hera, by the way, and were entirely fictional, I can find no other way to
    encompass them into Gor. I can imagine that I've pissed quite a few of you off.
    Some of you were probably old friends of mine. To all of you, all I can say is,
    earlier, I warned you not to continue if any of what was said earlier upset you.

    I don't want to hear any whining or crying, and if you wish to cause trouble when I'm online, you'll be finding the door quickly. Don't try killing me, I don't play, and for you Panthers that want my neck in a collar, you're going to have to come to my door in real life and get it. I seriously doubt that any of the
    above mentioned individuals would have what it takes to do that.

    In conclusion, I would like to recap what you've just read and leave you
    with a few thoughts. First, Gor is a way of life, not something to do when you
    get bored at home. If you cannot accept this stay they hell out.

    Secondly, Gor is an ever changing and evolving society. We cannot allow the
    fundamentals of what Gor is to change. Societies as a whole must change and
    grow to survive, but the foundations of what they are cannot. We, as Free, must
    insure that Gor is as it was intended to be. Not a place for miscreants to live
    out their sadistic views or act as they will.

    It must remain a unified body. Do the research; learn what it means to be
    Gorean from the books that Norman wrote. Don't just pay attention to the small things, take all of that and throw it out the window. It truly isn't necessary to be Gorean. What you do need to glean out of the books is what the philosophies are and why we chose to call ourselves Gorean.

    What are they philosophies? I'll let you find that out on your own. You'll know them when you see them, they aren't stated, per say, in the text, but the underlying message is there. Each of the books varies in the way that things are presented or handled. What is accepted as gospel in one is discounted in another? Read over them enough and you'll see it.

    Finally, we men of Gor need to take back what is ours and teach those that
    don't know what it is to be Gorean. If you just said, "I'm one of those
    men that knows," you're not. Gorean men don't say what they are; they show
    it in their actions. I'll end this here for now. This hopefully will be the
    first of many writings of my views. If you have an issue with what you just
    read, don't come whining to me about it. Take what you will and leave the rest;
    just remember that I speak the truth, as I know it. These are my views, not
    yours. I am quite sure that there are other such men, as myself, that agree
    with what's been written.