The Gorean "Home Stone"

  • Yes it is a stone…

    However the Home Stone to a free Gorean is much more, it is a symbol of what he or she stands for. A close analogy would be the American flag. A Gorean pledges his life and honor to the defense and service of his Home Stone.

    A free Gorean may actually have a personal home stone as well as a city or community Home Stone to which he/she has pledged.

    The Home Stone encompasses a free Gorean’s code or ethics, it is their heart and soul, it stands for their honor, integrity, reliability, honesty, self-reliance, and responsibility to self, home and community.

    Yes it is a rock…

    And like a rock the free Gorean resists that which attempts to change him or her. They stand by their honor, their code with their integrity intact. Like the rock they may be crushed and possibly broken into pieces, but they are still, even in its tiniest piece, Gorean, just like the rock.