Gorean Philosophy

  • Gorean is a lifestyle based upon the philosophies and beliefs in the "Gor" fantasy series written by John Norman pertaining to the order of nature where men and women have their natural and biological roles. The lifestyle philosophies are such that they can be lived, on a daily bases, and the concepts of Honor, Integrity and Responsibility pervade that way of life. It is not based upon BDSM "play" nor "sessions" but is lived by each individual in their own way. Whereas we fall under the "BDSM Umbrella" due to protocols, and certain forms of bondage, we consider ourselves outside the typical BDSM roles as we actually live our philosophies.

     A Gorean is what he/she is through their own views and philosophies and the code by which they live. A Gorean does not even really need a slave or sub to be Gorean. This is one of the main things the BDSM community fails to understand about us. We are who we are though our own beliefs, not due to if we have a slave/sub nor if we do any typical BDSM roles or play.   Like I said we only fall under the BDSM umbrella if we do have a slave and only due to protocols (service and obedience) and basic bondage (collars and chains)

    One of the good things about the Gorean philosophy. There is no proscribed way of being.

    Each person lives their life and defines their role in it by their own standards. We tend to follow the way of nature and biology and how we see things are by our own natures, as you say "do what flows naturally" we develop our own code of behavior and incorporate it into our daily lives. Everyone's code is different and even can be considered bad or evil, you have the angels on one hand and the devils on the other. The only real unjustifiable behavior is to be hypocritical and indeterminate, i.e. not adhering to your code, or change it just to suit your whim.

    We also recognize that men and women are different, we do not try to deny that each gender has it's own strengths and weaknesses. There is no set "role" for either gender.

    Gorean relationships can incorporate all styles, Vanilla, Master/slave, Dom/sub, Polygamous, etc. The only things we tend to reject are any abnormal psychologies or behaviors such as bestiality, gender change, mental instabilities, extreme sadism, etc.

    Goreans can be harsh but are seldom cruel.

    Honor, Integrity and Honesty, self-discipline and self-reliance are the key words I live by in my everyday life. I do not hide in shadows or lie about who and what I am, even my parent know about my chosen lifestyle.

    As to the "safeword" issue, I have always felt it was ridiculous. I also believe that a Dom or Master should never be so unaware or get so lost in the moment that he does not have control and does not recognize what is happening with his sub or slave.

    Of course I do not "Play" or do "Sessions" so I do not have to worry about that Another thing I see as an issue is when a Dom or Master punishes someone through anger. That is also wrong and shows a serious lack of control.

    One must Master ones self and his/her own life first !!!

    Some frequent terms you may see.....

    • kajira / kajirus - In the Gorean language it simply means "female slave" / "male slave".  Although they are Gorean terms, and come from the Gor Book series; in an ideal world it would only be used to identify a slave as a follower of Gorean philosophies and tenants. Unfortunately, with the popularity and "sexiness" of the term, nowadays, it is more often than not, used to identify girls within the BDSM world who actually have no connection to Gorean lifestyle.
    • Gorean kajira / kajirus - Someone who, is a slave, and follows and strives to practice the Gorean Philosophy and Lifestyle. It is not a literal slave from Gor. It is an ideology, and owned or unowned, a slave can claim the term kajir as long as the recognize and follow the philosophies.
    • slave/sub of a Gorean - There are some Masters who own slaves or subs who may not be Gorean kajira/kajirus. Having a Gorean Master or Mistress does not make one a Gorean kajira/kajirus. They do not follow Gorean by philosophy, but simply are slaves of a Gorean.
    • Master -   A simple title within the BDSM world, but it has a profoundly different meaning to those who follow the Gorean philosophies and lifestyle


    Gor in short: is a philosophy , that encompasses human experience for tens of  thousands of years. This naturalist philosophy has been re written as a fiction story , that is is set in a historical background redressed to be to look like a science fiction . We don't role play the books, we are fully aware the books are not real , nor is there is a planet called Gor, what we do follow is the philosophies behind the books.

    We dont scene, we don't have a life style, Gor is nothing special, it is a reasonable coherent explanation of life as it has been and currently is.

    Slaves have no boundaries except that mandated by the state, no we don't whip for pleasure or as a sexual activity or engage in most BDSM activities, as we are not part of BDSM. Consequently limits have an entirely different meaning for us.

    Gorean men often have slaves not because Gor is about D/s or M/s but because women submitting to men is a consequence of being a Gorean man

    A Gorean man accepts that not all of his actions will be correct but when they are not , he accepts the consequence of his actions.

    Gorean men aspire to be honorable.

    Gor is not bdsm, not a scene, not play or fantasy.  it is not just a lifestyle but is a naturalistic explanation of life as it always has been and as it currently exists within nature


    From an interview with John Norman.....

    Quote - "I know nothing about "real-life Gorean slavery among some people in the BDSM community." The "BDSM" reference worries me. I dissociate myself from BDSM, at least as I understand it. I may, of course, misunderstand it. I wonder if one would settle merely for "real-life Gorean slavery," because, as I understand it, BDSM is not Gorean. If something is not beautiful, it is not Gorean. In any event, I am assuming that what is involved here, in any case, is consensual. If a woman chooses to submit herself, voluntarily, to a master, it seems to me that is her business, and his business. She would then, of course, be a slave, and would be treated as a slave. One supposes remarkable fulfillment's may occur in such an arrangement. It is, of course, important to treat the slave, however uncompromisingly strict you are with her, however much she might fear you, in a humane way, as one would any other animal. Some men, I gather, dislike women, and enjoy hurting them. That makes no sense to me. Women are wonderful, and precious. It is a delight to own one; why would one hurt her? What would be the point of that, mere sadistic pleasure? I think we might distinguish between, say, S/M sex, or sadomasochistic sex, and M/S sex, or Master/Slave Sex. In a sense they seem opposite. Love is important. It is not to be confused with cruelty. Gratuitous cruelty seems to me uncalled for, and ugly, morally and aesthetically. Too, it seems unworthy of a true master. The point is loving and serving, and owning and mastering, not hurting. To be sure, the slave must understand that if she is not pleasing, she is subject to discipline. She is not to be left in doubt that she is a slave. It is easy to avoid discipline; she need only be obedient, submissive, and found pleasing, wholly, and in all ways. Sometimes a slave may desire to be reassured of her bondage. There are many ways in which the master, if he wishes, may see to this. I have written an entire book, the Imaginative Sex book, in which my views on such matters should be reasonably clear."

    Professor John Lange  (John Norman)


    Be well all,




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    Tom Tal Tek,
    thank you very much for this incredibly well written text that offers guidance and orientation for every Gorean (not only for beginners, but also in times of uncertainty) and gives helpful advice in discussions about our philosophy and way of life.
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