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    May 8, 2017 2:46 PM CEST

    Tal Masters and Mistresses, Tal slaves,

    If you google for Gor or Gorean, you will find a lot of website, providing information about Gor. However, these informations may contain a lot of misunderstandings or interpretations, which we call "onlinism". To be sure, things are really "by the books", always grab a book and read yourself. There are also many site on the net, to help you finding quotes from the books, so it's easier to find a book for certain topics.

    I just want to cover a few common onlinism, I have learned from not to use. While some of these things are usually used for role play, these informations are also good to know for lifestylers. KARTA One is the slave position "Karta" or "Kar-Ta". In fact, I have never seen it in the books. There is the word "Harta", which means "hurry up!"

    “Harta!” I heard. “Harta!” But we were hurrying! How could we go more swiftly? Again came the terrible crack of that snapping coil! Gasping, crying out, sobbing, we moved even more swiftly!
    Witness of Gor, p 55

    The slave position "Karta" is used in some online role play as synonym for "First Obeisance"

    "First obeisance position," snapped Barzak. "Beg his forgiveness!" Instantly Ellen went to the first obeisance position, head down, palms of her hands on the cement. "Please forgive me, Master," she begged, frightened. Prize of Gor, p. 455

    Red and White Silk
    The terms red silk and white silk are use only for slave girls and what it says, is nothing else but whether a girl is a virgin or not. It doesn't say, a white silk may not be sexually used, is required to kneel in the tower position or to wear actually white cloths. A white silk slave can definitely kneel with her thighs open and she can even be a pleasure slave (think about a virgin, who is subject for a blood auction: she is then, even before she will be "opened", a pleasure slave). So don't worry to dress a red silk (not a virgin anymore) in a white camisk.

    "Are you a virgin?" asked the first instructrix. "Yes, Mistress," said Ellen. The instructrix laughed. The expression the instructrix had used, if it were to be translated literally into English, was 'white-silk'. The complementary expression is 'red-silk'. These are expressions used, incidentally, only of slaves, not of free women. Prize of Gor, p. 312

    Blackwine, Homestone, Priestkings
    These words are often spelled wrong, actually they are each spelled with two words as black wine, Home Stone (two times beginning with capital letters!) and Priest-Kings!

    I had heard of black wine, but had never had any. It is drunk in Thentis, but I had never heard of it being much drunk in other Gorean cities...Then I picked up one of the thick, heavy clay bowls...It was extremely strong, and bitter, but it was hot, and, unmistakably, it was coffee.
    Assassins of Gor, p 106
    “Gor,” he said, “is the name of this world. In all the languages of this planet, the word means Home Stone.”
    Tarnsman of Gor, p. 26
    It had been caught in the shield of the Priest-Kings, invisible, not to be evaded, undoubtedly a field of some sort, which had so acted on the bird, perhaps affecting the mechanism of the inner ear, that the creature had become incapable of controlling itself and had fallen disoriented and confused to the earth below.
    Priest-Kings of Gor, p. 7

    These were just a few examples, there are a few more. Feel free to add more onlinism or ask, if you want to know, if something actually is supported by the books or not.

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    May 9, 2017 2:23 AM CEST
    Anyone who understands the Gorean philosophy realizes that there are many variations. Most of which are based on a lack of knowledge and an interpretation based on greed and certain mens concepts of how Gor should be and what it is actually in the books. You understand most have not read the books. These mens interpretation is based on their own bizarre sexual concepts.
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    July 14, 2018 7:25 AM CEST

    Karta. It does not exist. Speculation is that it began on IRC, in my channel "Silk & Steel" back in the 90's, when a man urged a girl to attend to him more quickly and used the term "harta", which is loosely translated as "faster". Mistaking it for a position command, and since she was obviously not performing to his pleasure, she assumed a rather pitiful submissive pose awaiting his further displeasure.

    And "karta" was born.



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    December 31, 2018 6:25 PM CET

    Wrong spelled / written gorean words got lots of Pros!

    At first: It is so funny to read wannabe-gorean...And the more the writer acts like a king of everything...the less i am in the mood of correcting him or her...Let them blame themselves and entertain others  :D

    !!!Of Course if asked and wanted, one corrects gently and kind and preferred silent, to save the person from blaming him or herself!!!

    At second: One knows directly with who one is speaking. Less miss-spelling: Careful...maybe a true Gorean? Lots of mistakes?  *grins

    And third and last:  Why should one have no fun, with it? It can make a whole evening with full of laughter to create new gorean words...(fun-fact:  fools will copy them in their areas)

    Yes it is possible that this way of reacting on gorean mistakes may be mean...But hey: wonderful Counterearth would not react different...i thinkcool