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Is the Gorean bow a slave position or not ?

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    November 13, 2019 10:11 PM CET


    A well-trained kajira is expected to know a variety of slave positions and be able to assume them when commanded to do so.

    Is the Gorean bow (also called the Gorean love bow) a slave position or not? 

    In my opinion, it is not. Here is why :

    "He bent her back, his hand in her hair, exposing the bow of her beauty to the men."
    Rogue of Gor, Page 81

    "He dragged her to her feet by the hair and bent her backwards, displaying the bow of her beauty to the crowd."
    Savages of Gor, Page 122

    "He then seized her by the hair with both hands and yanked her up on her knees and bent her backwards, until her head was at the grass, exhibiting the bow of her captured beauty for his fellows."
    Savages of Gor, Page 219

    "He then threw her, on her back, over the body, head down, of the fallen Kur. He took the two loose ends of the binding fiber and, taking them under the body of the fallen Kur, dragged her wrists, elbows bent, over and above her head; he then, bending her knees, tied one of the loose ends about her left ankle, and the other about her right. It was the Gorean love bow."
    Marauders of Gor, Page 261

    "The belt dance was now moving to its climax and I turned to watch Phyllis Robertson.
    "Capture of Home Stone," I heard Cernus say to Caprus, who spread his hands helplessly, acknowledging defeat.
    Under the torchlight Phyllis Robertson was now on her knees, the Warrior at her side, holding her behind the small of the back. Her head went farther back, as her hands moved on the arms of the Warrior, as though once to press him away, and then again to draw him closer, and her head then touched the furs, her body a cruel, helpless bow in his hands, and then, her head down, it seemed she struggled and her body straightened itself until she lay, save for her head and heels, on his hands clasped behind her back, her arms extended over her head to the fur behind her. At this point, with a clash of cymbals, both dancers remained immobile. Then, after this instant of silence under the torches, the music struck the final note, with a mighty and jarring clash of cymbals, and the Warrior had lowered her to the furs and her lips, arms about his neck, sought his with eagerness. Then, both dancers broke apart and the male stepped back, and Phyllis now stood, alone on the furs, sweating, breathing deeply, head down."
    Assassin of Gor, Pages 187 - 188

    If we read the quotes carefully; we can conclude the following:

    - Nowhere the slave is commanded to assume this position

    - Did the girl tie her own wrists and ankles? No

    - Every time, she was placed in this position by someone else putting her there

    Therefore the Gorean bow is not a slave position.

    I wish you well,


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    November 13, 2019 10:42 PM CET

    Tal Master!

    yes, I think so, too, Master. Beside this, it's a very difficult position, if the kajira is not very agile. But on our first kajira training, the slave Aiyana (now known as Milea) has performed the Gorean Bow (apparently with ease) and she was helping me to do the same. It looked very exciting and it's probably what the Masters on Gor love on it.

    I was never able to stay in this "position" more than a few Ihn! Also if a girl does it by herself, she is placing her hands on the ground, which I don't see in the description of the books, or did I miss something?

    Kajira of Alduras

    PS: there is a picture showing Aiyana in the "Gorean Bow" in our kajira positions class


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    November 14, 2019 1:13 AM CET

    Tal Adira,

    How lovely those bows are performed, they are not Gorean bows.

    Never is there a mention of hands put on the ground; moreover every time, the slave was placed in this position by someone else.

    I wish you well,



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    November 14, 2019 2:26 PM CET

    Here, I call it a 'back bend'. Not a Gorean thing.

    It's part of my stretches when my shoulder isn't acting up.  Since it is pretty.



    kajira of Rudhraighe

  • November 19, 2019 3:48 AM CET

    Greetings Masters and Mistresses,


    Its not anything that this girl can maintain with any amount of pressure or force.  She could get there in a very un-sensual and awkward way, but nothing at all pretty.

    A girl wishes the Free well,

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