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Familymembers: how can I add someone?

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    May 16, 2017 12:17 PM CEST

    Tal! in order to add someone as a family member, you need first to be friends! Next step you can either visit your own profile or the profile of your beloved family member and click on the little gearwheel and open the menu with some options. There you will find a menu "add family member". Click there and choose the appropriate characteristic. Your partner has to accept the request and your done! Enjoy MyGorean.Com! adira kajira of Alduras

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    May 16, 2017 12:36 PM CEST
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    October 14, 2018 10:55 PM CEST

    Currently, due the recent update, the family-add button is not showing off in the menu. You can click the link here to add new family member: