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MyGorean.Com Mission Statement

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    March 5, 2018 8:35 PM CET

    Tal everybody! Here is a first version of a mission statement for this platform. Any questions or suggestions, please post below. Thank you!

    (Die deutsche Übersetzung folgt)

    I. MyGorean Community

    The MyGorean Community, also called or just MyGorean, is a worldwide gorean community with a virtual Home Stone. It’s, so to say, a Home Stone for Goreans of Earth, as the planet Gor is Home Stone for people on Gor. MyGorean itself has many individual single Home Stones. The smallest Home Stone, of course, is that of any gorean man. However, local groups can establish their own local MyGorean Home Stones, which eventually will be visible on a map. More about the Home Stones see below at point IV.

    II. MyGorean Meetings

    MyGorean Meetings are official community meetings, organized by MyGorean Home Stone members. The purpose is to meet other real life Goreans and discuss everything relating to lifestyle, education and online platform. Also supporting the real life academy and establishing another MyGorean Home Stone can be discussed at an official MyGorean Meeting. For now, the MyGorean Meetings are held in Germany and Spain, however we are currently also working on future possible MyGorean Meetings in the US.

    III. MyGorean Academy

    The MyGorean Academy is an essential part of  It’s divided into the online and real life training.

    1. Online Academy

    The online academy serves the education of pure gorean knowledge, as it can be found within the books. Different views of certain things are possible, but every statement shall be underlined by quotes of the books. Any member of the community may offer classes. Details about the online courses, see here: Information zu den Kursen

    2. Real Life Academy

    Students, who have passed the online test, can apply for the real life training. The real life training is focused on the gorean lifestyle. Gorean basic knowledge is required. Real life trainers are free members of a MyGorean Home Stone or slaves of Home Stone members. The real life training serves the development of the kajiri in two ways:
        a. practical skills
        b. the experience in being a slave among other slaves

    IV. MyGorean Home Stones

    MyGorean Home Stones are gorean Home Stones, which are part of the main MyGorean Home Stone and therewith support the MyGorean Community. MyGorean Home Stones are listed within the platform, they can connect with or disconnect from other MyGorean Home Stones. Connection between MyGorean Home Stones indicate trustful and honorable Home Stones. Would a group go a strange path (i.e. like Port Kar when they were almost pirates),  other Home Stones wouldn’t connect with that Home Stone (or disconnect even). Also for any MyGorean Home Stone to be able to send a representative to the council, the minimum of allied MyGorean Home Stones is two other Home Stones. For more information, talk to us on one of our MyGorean meetings.

    V. MyGorean Council

    The MyGorean Council is the highest level of the MyGorean Community. Within the council are seats reserved for any MyGorean Home Stone.

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