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Using The Chat Rooms

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    March 17, 2018 1:49 PM CET

    UPDATED, please read latest post!


    Tal Masters, Mistresses and slaves,

    it's great to have a chat room here on our platform. However, there are a few things, which you should know, to avoid frustration:

    (1) We noticed, that sometimes, the system kicks people out without warning. It appears for all in the room, that the user had left the room. The user himself does not notice any difference. It appears just, that nobody is chatting anymore.

    Suggestion: if you leave the chat intentionally, say good bye before, so that the other users know, you actually want to leave the room. If you see anyone leaving without saying good bye, please tell him via instant chat, that he is out.

    (2) Also before you log out of the platform, leave the chat room before. Otherwise it will appear, that "undefined" has left the room.

    (3) In order to use instant messages, make sure you are friends with other users. The chat room is also a good opportunity, to invite other users to become friends.

    (4) You can use /me for emoting

    (5) It's recommended to only have one tab/page open with the chat room. If you are using multiple tabs/windows for surfing, it's most likely, the system will kick you out. (See no 1)

    And that's all for now, if you have question relating the chat system, please feel free to ask. I wish you great time and fun with the chat!

    kajira of Alduras

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    April 25, 2018 6:01 PM CEST

    We are using another chat system now. It's not really new; most may recall it from Since it's not the newest and current version, it doesn't support mobile devices yet. Upgrades are expensive, so we leave it as it is for now and upgrade later, if it is running well.

    You can access the chat rooms in fullscreen mode at the char bar on the left side.

    If there is no active chat rooom, you can create one. There are three options:

    - public (every member can enter -> this is mostly the preferred choice)

    - password protected (you can chose a password, which is required to enter the room)

    - Invitation only (nobody can enter: you need to use the invite option in order to chat)

    After the last person has left the chat room, it will disappear automatically after a few minutes.


    I wish you well,

    kajira of Alduras

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    April 27, 2018 10:40 AM CEST

    Additional information from Mistress Naava:

    On the main page or home page of mobile, if you scroll down there is a "full site" button
    Click on that
    HOWEVER: it is a bit challenging to see things appropriately and you may need to adjust zoom settings (I use two fingers to pinch (zoom in) or spread (zoom out))
    Give it a moment as the chat bar may not appear right away.
    Click on chat room and then click on the corresponfing chat.  

    Please note that it requires a lot of data usage.


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    May 2, 2018 10:08 AM CEST
    Another interesting information relating mobile use:

    Using mobile in Fullsize mode, click on Chatrooms in the chatbar and then click popout. This will open another page, only with the chatrooms. It makes chatting much easier with mobile devices. I just figured out with the ipad but it should work with Android likewise.