Terms of Service

Effective as of: April 9, 2021

I. Introduction

We, the COMPANY NAME, operate on this website a social network, hereinafter called MyGorean.com, for fans of the Gor novels by John Norman. This series is a science fiction fantasy story that describes an alternative world. One component of GOR is the existence of slavery, especially of female slavery. We explicitly point out that GOR is a fantasy world, and also in the case of philosophical consideration and the choice of a corresponding lifestyle, it is based on consensual decisions of free people. We dissociate ourselves according to human despotic and violent slavery of any kind. This website serves to explore the GOR world, to convey solid knowledge, to share experiences, to get in touch with like-minded people, to create own networks, to find a life partner and much more.


II. User accounts

a) Membership / Ban on double accounts

Each person may only have one user account at a time. Breaching this rule will result in the deletion of both or all accounts of the member and may lead to a permanent ban. Members must be at least 18 years old, must be able and entitled to agree to these Terms of Use and may not be banned from the use of this website or any other of our sites, in particular lakajira.com or ds-circle.com.


b) Basic and Premium Membership

The basic membership is free. Premium members (Copper-Tarsk, Silver-Tarsk or Gold-Tarn) get extended functions. Details regarding member levels can be found in the FAQ.


c) Profile picture

It is desirable to use a real own image as a profile picture, which does not necessarily have to show the face. If a member does not want to show a picture of himself, an avatar photo can be used as far as this avatar does not seem to be a real picture. It’s not allowed to use pictures of the counter gender as an avatar picture. Also excluded are all pictures, which are not G-rated.


d) Verification

We offer all members the possibility of a verified user account. For this, we check the name, gender and date of birth by means of identification documents. If this data is changed in the profile, the member loses his verification. Verification is voluntary and serves solely for the trustworthiness of potential contact seekers.


e) Admin approval of the user account

Every user account is checked by the administration before it is activated. In particular, the coherence of the information provided is checked (spam protection), but also whether the new member generally fits into a Gorean community. This approval may take up to three days.

f) Delete user account

If you want to delete your user account, select My account -> Settings -> Delete account. With the exception of the forum contributions (see point IV.d), all contents are permanently removed during the deletion.


III. Gorean Academy

- removed -

IV. Community & Forum

a) Forum

All registered members of this website are given free access to the Gorean Forums. The forums serve a general exchange of ideas on the subject of Gor and the purpose of a general Gorean platform.


b) Blog contributions

Blog posts, within this platform called "Scrolls", can be published by each member, either for everyone or for registered members only. Premium members from Silver-tarks upwards can also limit their visibility to networks or friends or followers. Advertising and other contributions for commercial purposes are permitted only with the consent of the administration.


c) Events

Each member can publish events. These are to serve the community. Commercial events are also permitted, but the administration reserves the right to restrict, delete and, if necessary, prohibit any commercial events.


d) Photos and videos

Each member has a limited storage contingent for uploading photos and videos, however Videos requires „Gold Tarn Level“. Copyrights are to be observed (see also point VI.). A thematic orientation to GOR is desirable. The GOR reference should be quite obvious to an objective observer without further explanation. The Administration reserves the right to delete the media even if no copyrights are infringed, but the media is classified as unsuitable for a GOR community for other reasons. In particular, it is important to avoid publishing mass off topic media. This would be the case, for example, if the picture collection of a member contains more than 2/3 off topic pictures, or the off topic pictures of the member is dominating the community. Images from Second Life and similar virtual platforms are also considered off topic, even if they have a Gor context. Note also point V. a)!


V. Behavioral rules

Illegal contributions, advertising, trolling is strictly forbidden and leads to ban. Additional the following specific rules apply in particular:


a) Gorean contents

This platform is a Gorean-influenced community. Contents are therefore only permitted within a Gorean framework. This refers in particular to pictures and videos, but also texts in scrolls (blog entries) and forum contributions with the exception of the category "Offtopic", as well as on the own profile. The entire area of the community is accessible to all members. Accordingly, each member is expected to show consideration for other members. Gor is often mixed with other subcultures such as BDSM or kink/fetish. On MyGorean.com are therefore generally all contents undesirable, which show SM Sessions, Dark rooms, or marks of the same, joy at pain or torture, all the same whether active or passively, fetishes and preferences of all kinds, which would be inconceivable in a Gorean public, as for example urine plays, lacquer, leather, latex outfits, High Heels on slaves, erotic & generous representation of free women, obtrusive presence of male slaves as well as nakedness with men generally. Pornographic picture or video content is not permitted. This list serves as an explanation and is by no means exhaustive.

b) Code of Conduct

The highest Gorean rule is honor and respect. We invite you to participate but expect respect for all the other participants in the community. Opinions of the One lead sooner or later to the contradictions of another. Every opinion must be respected, as far as no person, in particular no other member of this community, is violated in his honor by the expression of opinion. Insults and injuries therefore lead rigorously to exclusion from the community.


c) Equality does not apply to GOR, however on the basic principals of a membership on this website there are no gradations between free and unfree, man and woman, young and old, fat and thin; Also not between basic and premium members. If kajirae show humble and submissive behavior from inner conviction, no one can deduce a general claim to be permitted to treat kajirae generally as subordinate or inferior beings.


d) Topics and contributions in the forum should always be related to Gor, with the exception of topics in the off topic area. Extremely short contributions such as "I like this!“ and also oversized quotes are to be avoided. For quotes, the rule of thumb is that the quotation should not be longer than the text itself. Full quotations are not permitted. Quotations from foreign sources are only admissible with exact sources (author, kind & way of publication and if possible link to the source). The same applies to integrated media, such as pictures or videos. Advertising of any kind is prohibited without the consent of the administration. In the profile, you can refer to your own non-commercial websites and profiles in other communities.


e) Grammar, spelling and form

For a better user experience, any kind of text should be correct in grammar and spelling. Also it’s good to keep an eye on the form, to use punctuation marks and breaks but also to avoid using expressions, signs or other ways to different between superior or subordinates, Free and slaves etc (for example Y/you, A/all, slave names written with small letters or braces behind the name{O}). Use instead the profile picture and user name to show what kind of member you are (for example first name „Tuka“ and second name „of Tarl Cabot“ makes clear you are owned by „Tarl Cabot“).


VI. Copyright, Right of Use

a) Web design, platform and related content and media

The platform provided by MyGorean.Com, including the created content and works on these pages, are subject to copyright. The copying, processing, distribution and any kind of exploitation beyond the limits of copyright require the written consent of MyGorean.Com. Downloads and copies of this page are only permitted for private, non-commercial use..

COMPANY NAME media are used for the design of this website, as well as under CC0 license media, among others from unsplash.com, pexels.com, pixabay.com.

Insofar as the contents on this site were not created by the operator, the copyrights of third parties are respected. In particular contents of third parties are marked as such. If you are nevertheless aware of a copyright infringement, we ask for a corresponding note. If we become aware of legal violations, we will immediately remove such content.


b) Infringement of copyright

Infringements of any kind of copyrights, irrespective of possible legal steps, lead to the warning, blocking or deletion of the user account. Members may publish only media which shows the member himself, which the member himself has created or which has been released for publication by the respective author. Related proof must be provided promptly at the request of the administration!


c) No editing and deleting option in the forum

Forum posts can neither be edited nor deleted. This is the same principle, as with the spoken word: this can not be withdrawn - once pronounced. Although the spoken word is not saved in contrast to the written forum contribution, however, there is a dynamism in a forum, which, by changes and deleting of posts, is disturbed or at least significantly affected. I might also destroy entirely the meaning of the forum.

Furthermore, we believe that contributions that can not be changed after sending, can reach a higher level of quality, since you have to think twice about how to formulate the contribution. Regardless of this regulation, formatting can also be adjusted and corrected later by the administration or moderation.

Update: Members with Silver Tarks Level or more can edit their posts. The old posts, however, we be kept and eventually will be accessible in a future history feature.


d) Granting of usage rights

By creating courses, lectures, media and other contributions, you grant MyGorean.Com a simple, timely and spatially unlimited and free of charge right to use your contribution within the framework of this website. The right to use remains valid even after termination of the membership. This does not affect the rights of the data subject according to point 12 of the privacy policy.


VII. Amendments to the Terms of Use

MyGorean.Com has the right, at any time, to adapt, modify, remove parts or add additions. Members regularly recognize the terms of use of the currently valid version by logging on or using this website. The date of the last change can be found at the top of the page.


VIII. Household right

MyGorean.Com is a private website. The rules are created and enforced by the operator of the website. The operator strives for a fair treatment, but is not obliged to roll out and dispel each conflict disproportionately. Measures such as exclusion and ban from the website are not easily taken and have for sure certain reasons. In the case of an exclusion and the associated deletion of the user account, existing subscriptions will be terminated. Refunds for eventually premium memberships are excluded.


IX. Disclaimer of liability

a) Liability for content

As a service provider, we are responsible for our own content on these pages according to the general laws according to § 7 Abs.1 TMG. According to §§ 8 to 10 TMG, however, as a service provider, we are not obligated to supervise transmitted or stored third-party information or to investigate circumstances which indicate an illegal activity.

Obligations to remove or block the use of information according to general laws remain unaffected. Liability in this regard, however, is only possible from the time of knowledge of a concrete infringement. We will immediately remove these contents if we become aware of any such legal violations.


b) Liability for links

Our offer contains links to external websites of third parties on whose content we have no influence. Therefore, we can not assume any liability for these third-party content. The respective provider or operator of the pages is always responsible for the contents of the linked pages. The linked pages were checked for possible legal violations at the time of linking. Illegal contents were not recognizable at the time of linking. However, a permanent control of the content of the linked pages is not reasonable without concrete indications of an infringement. If we become aware of any legal infringements, we will immediately remove such links.